Monday, September 12, 2016

The Stage is Set

Today I was guilty of letting all the little things distract and disgust me.
For a moment, I forgot who I was...
And I let the world around me dictate my actions.

I have worshipped in the past, even when the night was heavy and the pain was great.
Why is now any different?

The dawn is about to break.
The battle is upon us-
Now is not the time to sit and mope.
Now is the time to unify, as sons and daughters.

A united front focused on Him will become
An impenetrable wall, and darkness will
Shrink from his light upon our eyes and faces,
Though we are but reflections of Him,
Darkness will not stand.

To war, let's go!
Not of flesh and blood...
To dream, to gaze upon his face, to know him.
To hope, to share in peace, to unite in love,
To see the broken restored...

Yes, this is why we fight.

For to love is not to take,
But to lay down your life for another.

Take up your arms, oh soldiers of the faith!
Stand strong, prisoners of Hope!

Arm in arm we will stand,
Hand in hand and love on all,
His bride has come to battle.
Arrayed in splendor, with restoration in hand,

She calls aloud, and the earth listens-
"Look to the King!"
For He is mine, and I am His.

And so the shaking begins.
Who will stand?