Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm judging you.

I'm judging you.
Just that phrase probably made your blood boil.

Angry yet?
At least a little annoyed?

If you aren't, think for just a few minutes about the last time your blood really boiled.
Maybe it was a righteous anger. If so, good for you.
I'll be the first to say that usually my anger is not super 'righteous.'

Whether it's something on the news or in politics or work or some other instance, we all know what it is that makes your blood pressure spike and the wrinkles on your face to get deeper.

Maybe it was Hillary or Trump. Maybe an 'insensitive' Facebook post... maybe a 'bad call' made by a sports referee.

"So,"  you say. "So what if  I get angry," you say, (feeling defensive yet?). "Why are you bringing it up? I'm only human..."

Sure. Defensiveness, anger, frustration, callousness....hatred... these things are all very human of us.

Sadly, routine doesn't make anything easier. Or acceptable.
In other words: You, me- we're called to something More.

One of my favorite quotes is the "love them anyway" quote by Mother Theresa. To summarize, Mother Theresa basically says that another person's actions will never give you an excuse to do anything but love them- "because in the end, it wasn't between you and them anyway." In the end, 85 is between mankind and their Creator.

So often in life we are tempted to look at one side of a situation and make a quick judgment... this is in all aspects of life- from politics to civil rights to what your perspective is like on where you are at.

I know I'm still a work in progress.
I'm not judging you, because I'm guilty of the same.

 But we're called To more. We exist for more than some carnal rage burning within us. We have a greater purpose than to just be frustrated or upset or depressed or apathetic to/about the world around us.

     "....We  have a responsibility to succumb to empathy. To lay your pride and will down and attempt
         to understand the pain and suffering and happiness and banal emotions of your fellow humans. I
         say responsibility because you don't have to do it but it will make you a better human to do it.

         ....We've replaced turning the other cheek and rising above with wallowing in our own self."
        (Walter S Dyer IV)

I'm  not judging YOU.  I am just as guilty of disregarding others as the next person....I'm judging your fruit, and mine- what we produce. If we continue to preoduce violence and strife in the world around us (or in our own thoughts).... then we're doing something wrong.

So stop.
Practice empathy- start by listening. Don't say anything the first few times a response occurs.
Listening is an easy way for you/us to love one another.
Listening tells the other person- "you're valuable."

Let's rise above our instincts and value others above ourselves.

Start by listening to those you despise, and considering the heart of the "other side." 
Maybe you'll learn something. final note: 
Who is on the Throne? 
I tell you this, that though the earth moves out of its course, He will not change or even be shaken. 

So be still. 
Live as children, not as slaves. 
Speak in love, not fear. 
Or don't speak at all- and just love. 

Listen well....

What is the sound?