Thursday, February 15, 2018

On Psalm 91

From infancy it had me in its grasp.
Until now, I was caught by the trap.
The Enemy ensnared me with his web.

But his reign is not forever.
In fact, his reign is just a facade, a temporary feature.

The One who Speaks the Truth spoke to me today.
Like a breath of fresh air, His Spirit came.
In a moment, he loosed the chains to set the captive free.

Little by little, His sanctifying work moves within me.
Like a wind sweeping across the plains, He refreshes me.

Like a diver coming up from deep water, I surfaced.
Past the web, past the lies, past the destruction that lay in wait for me.
Air, fresh air. Sweet, unpolluted, healthy, happy air.


The Enemy's grip on this world will fade.
In a hostile society steeped with comparisons, the children of God will arise.
The descendants of Abraham will lift their praises to heaven.

"The Enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But HE has come so that you may have life, and life to the full" (John 10:10)

Though the Enemy comes with darkness and hatred,
though the earth be covered in war, plague, and death....

The people of God will stand.
They will wear His armor, made for them through trial.
In Golden light they will stand. With shields of faith locked they will rise.
To the One who is Almighty - El Shaddai - to Him alone will they look.

Let faith arise.
Let hope live!
Our God is mighty to save!
"He will surely deliver us from the snare of the trapper, and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover us with His pinions, and in His wings we will find refuge. His faithfulness will be our shield and our bulwark!" (Psalm 91:4)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

From Seed to Tree

Ever have sleepless nights?

Well, I do.

Here is a word for you.
You are not your red eyes and damaged skin.
Your fear of the dark doesn't define you.
The doubts and questions in your soul,  no matter how big, will not consume you.
The groanings of your heart will not go unanswered.
Your pain is not your enemy.

Our God is Mighty.
King of Kings, He is Lord of Day and Night.
He is my Dad,
The One who causes flowers to grow in the wilderness,
and the barren plains to gush with living water.

Though it is not from Him, my hurts are in His hands.
What the Enemy intended for evil, God has turned into a seed.
Planted in HIs fertile soil- even in my heart!
Tended by Him oh so sweetly and gently-
His banner is over me!

What was intended for evil will become a flowering tree,
and life will burst from its branches- from me, and my heart!
Not one part of it (me) will be left to decay,
none will be lacking sun.

See-- Good things have taken root.
His Word will come forth, a sprout will show.
Life is His, and in His hands secure.
Great and marvelous is He-
Someday, this tree, this girl, this daughter will look back and see,

What was darkest night to me is where He made room for life to grow.
Under the shelter of His wings is where life is found again.
Under His Son, His Stars, you will breathe and flourish,
...Like a tree planted by living water.

What was desert around you will bloom.
His Word is true, His love is steadfast, and not all of time could change its smallest piece.
The wicked will perish, but the people of God will stand, swayed not by the winds of chance or fear.

Your bark (character) will be true,
Your roots (foundation) firm,
and your trunk/core (heart) will be steadfast in Him.

You will be like a tree, and you will be called His own.
Have courage, dear heart.

Morning is coming, but also the night. If you would ask, then ask again.
Who is Lord of the Day?
and Who, then, is Lord of the Night?

When they come, know and see,
and place your trust in Him alone

Monday, November 20, 2017

There WILL come a day...

There was a day when Fear reigned over her heart....

...Chaos and pain were there, in abundance.

....Joy and Sorrow waged war within her.

Day by day she went, burdened and clouded by fear, the weight of it.

Moment by moment the war took its toll, as Fear and its minions stood by...

But that day did not last forever. 

There was a day when that broken, almost false "joy" reigned. 
....It was still a day of Fear.
For a time, it seemed like the war had ended.
The MASK was on. 

Then it cracked.

That day did not last forever.

There was a day when sorrow came, and for a time, fear was washed away in the flood.
Ah. Raw pain.
But sorrow could not get deep enough, and the wells remained shut. 
Need I say more? Fear continued its tyrannical reign in her heart.

How long could she last? 
The days went on.... Then they ended.... And new ones came.
Did they? 
Where was hope?

Insides torn asunder- what is a step forward? 

Three days of death. 
Then..... Life?

In a rush.... and also a slow trickle.
Someone lifted the girl up. 
Love brushed aside the cobwebs of fear. 

Now, she laughs from a well that is open. 
In the storms, she groans from that deep place. 
Sorrow at last has come out of hiding.
Yet the mask is no longer- the smile, too, is real.

Can it be? 

There is a day where she wakes up....
....Overwhelmed with GRIEF, unable to face the day. 
Sorrow so deep it can barely stand to crawl.
At last, the pits have been unturned.
Pain has found a safe place to come out of hiding. 

Can it really?
There is a day where she wakes up....
....Laughs with the little ones, glories in the beauty around.
JOY so bright and deep, the darkest nights cannot dim it.
Hope no longer fights itself, but falls into safety.

It's true, I know.
LIFE has come.
Now she stands in the storm, Joy in One hand, Sorrow in the Other. 
No longer at war, Joy and Sorrow are the doors to her heart.
Love keeps it safe, a Watchman on the wall.

There will be a day when Fear comes again,
to put to war that which is within. 

Fear will not win. 

Sorrow and its children, Pain, Grief, Loss, Doubt....
Joy and her children, Hope, Trust, Faith...
They have been entrusted to the One who conquered that death.
On that day, She will lift her head, eyes on Life, which is the Light of all mankind.

For She knows who she has believed, and is convinced that He is able to guard what has been entrusted to Him until that day. 

Verse References: 2 Timothy 1:12, John 1