Monday, October 24, 2016


On the surface again...

A gasp for air- not desperate, but refreshing.
Into the lungs it goes, ignoring the wetness all around.

Out of murky depths I had come.
Now I tread, enjoying the fresh air...
each breath a gift.
Finding myself again- surfacing from the depths.

Had they been all that bad?
No, the explorer cries.
We saw great wonders.
The colors down there.... *sigh*
....and the sights!

But it got murky after a time.
I got distracted-
Forgot who I was with, where my line was.
I lost myself in the mire.

A tug brought me back.
Like a call to the heart, and my body remembered.
My lungs responded- a need to breathe, to feel, 59 see...

My feet found the bottom, the depth of the pit.
Beautiful sights- how can these compare?
To sweet air...

In, and out it flows.

And I am myself again.

No longer distracted.
I remember the cord,
I see my lifeline.
And I see... the horizon, ahead.

Unseen, but still it calls-
Home awaits.