Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What a life...

Have you ever lived upside down?
Try it some time.
Living life upside down you see it inside out.

I lived upside down for a day....
Gnarled branches spread from the tips of knotted trunks.
Through their leafy covering the gentle wind plays tag
With clouds that run and laugh and cloak themselves in shapes.
I laugh with them, lost in the soft green carpet of itchiness....
But the little blades turn into a bed under my sunbaked body.

My soul is lost in the wind and my body is empty,
I am gone with the wind, delighted in the twitters over and around me-
A mockingbird and dove sing to each other above me, sweet songs of friendly banter.

Planes hum overhead and chattering goes on around me.
Life passes me by yet I move with the wind.
I am lost but I am found, gone from myself yet here nonetheless.
Life goes on around me, yet Here has never been more now.
Tired limbs raise up with joy still.
Quiet hearts upside down, turned around for a time.
What joy is this- what life!