Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Dance of Hope and Trust

It's like forgiving and breathing.
Like the beating of your heart, it has to keep repeating, going and drumming.

If it didn't, you would experience death in life,
Instead of the life in death that it offers.

Trusting makes you look around, see things.
You see stars instead of dark nights,
 the design of the wind instead of the ferocity of the storm.

Trusting gives hope.
Or, hope helps trust succeed....
Maybe trust is hope in action.

Trust is more intimate than hope, though.
It makes hope personal.

But what is underneath the two?
There has to be something inspiring their dance.
Is it faith?
No, faith is a certainty of hope, hope's child.

What is the foundation?
What is the ground that hope and trust dance on?

They are too vulnerable to grow alone.
Respect, admiration, these could not be the foundation- they whither in a day.
So what remains when hope and trust are gone?
From whence do they come? What drives their dance?

Sacrifice and offerings don't build hope or trust.

What if the sacrifice is one of love?
Could it be a foundation?
Could love remain when trust and hope are gone?
Is love strong enough to hold the dreams of hope, and the arms of trust?

How does one trust?
Where does one find hope, if not in love?

Hope without love- it makes me shudder.
It seems more like fear than hope.
It is bred out of desperation, not hope.
Determination isn't enough for hope without love,
For determination will die before hope is fulfilled.

But hope WITH love has purpose.
Hope and love together breed faith, courage...
These bring determination.

Determination for what?
To persevere in action and character,
To trust the hope- hope of love.

Hope that dances on a strong foundation.
Trust that acts from Hope's inspiration.
All because of love-

Love that caused a Life (indeed, Life itself) to conquer Death.