Tuesday, September 27, 2016

RVs 'n things that shine in the sky

Sometimes it's nice to climb things.

Ladders, mountains... steps are ok, but they don't quite hold the same challenge.

And not job ladders.
To be honest, those don't impress me at all.

I'm thinking more of the kind of where you have to pull yourself up,
Make yourself breathe hard.

The kind of climb that has a view of the top.
Preferably one including mountains.

Not that I'm picky. It's just nice to be sometimes:
To get somewhere and know that you made it,
Full of thankfulness hat your body could, that your mind doesn't have to...

To just be.
That's not the question, it's the joy.

It lets you be who you really are.

One rung, and you feel your muscles pull.
Two, and the cars go by, wooshing tire on gravelly pavement.
Three, and the light sinks behind the hills.
Four, almost there....

......a few more,

And there it is....

The top.

Does anyone else appreciate the view like I do?
Or is it just me-
Me and the lights shining on quiet small towns already asleep...
Me and RVs with rooftop seats to view the night sky-show.
Me and the dogs....and the cars....and my thoughts.