Thursday, February 18, 2016

and He spoke

I lift my head up.
Air has returned to my lungs.
My heart remembers You--
It has not forgotten Your promises.

A friend sees and asks.
They look to my care, and without noticing touch my heart.
In that gentle moment, I see You,
And my heart remembers its Hope.

Make the hope firm.
Tread again the steady paths of the wise.
He says, "Listen, I will speak to you."

My heart silences its noise, its fears are quieted.
With the eager anticipation of a child, the desperation of one who knows I'd be lost without Him, I sit.

I am still.

I wait on my God.

He is my Hope, my Deliverer.

And then He speaks.
My head lifts to listen better.
From somewhere in the distance I hear a song
.... it is my heart singing.