Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life to the Full

Have you ever walked with giants?

Well, friends, tonight I sat among giants of men.
These were giants, not of stature -definitely not because they were tall and I am small.
 Nor were these giants of position, class, wealth, knowledge or age.

Indeed, to the average eye these were no more than simply average men and women.
Yet I tell you that I met them, talked with them, looked them in the eye!

Would you believe it?
These were...
Giants unlike any the world has ever seen, yet big enough to make my heart feel small.
Giants with humility great enough to disguise their size, and
Giants with peace so grand it covers the room with a blanket of confidence.
Giants joy which cannot be defeated by disaster or trial or pain,
And Giants with love so strong it bridges cultures to lay down a life in exchange for freedom.

To my utter astonishment I found myself conversing with them- modern day heroes of faith.
They told me they were ordinary men and women, just like me.
"We started with nothing," they tell me, "just a mustard seed."
They took what they had and went out to change the world.

I wish I could tell you more,
I wish I could share their stories.
Inspired, they were, yet overflowing with truth.
They told me I could do the same, even more if I dared.

Dare to believe in the God that saves.
Believe in the mustard seed He gave.
Give that mustard seed to others,
And watch it grow.

Look, sometimes Life is rough. Sometimes I don't want to face the day, get out of bed or see the sun.
But God has more planned for us, He told us Himself! 
If only we would look around, we'd see- Life is a Gift, so we can Give Thanks!
When you give thanks, you're starting that seed, you're starting to believe.
The more you believe, the more you look up and not down, around and not in, the more you'll be changed,
the more that you'll grow. Not in stature or wealth, but in light and in life. 
The giants I spoke of were simply people. I saw them as giants because their faith was that large.
They had faith to move mountains indeed!

Look at your life and have hope. Here is a secret- THAT IS HIS PLAN. 
He said it Himself, in the book of Jeremiah. 
Look it up for yourself. Chapter 29 verse 11 right there plain as day,
"a hope and a future" He has for you people. So rejoice and believe, right here and right now!
Tomorrow won't come, its too far away. Stop waiting for time and take what you have.
Its all that we've got, so use it up quick and use it up right. 
If you can't do that, why, you'll move in circles, not up or down or across or straight. 
But oh, if you Rejoice! That seed will grow and it will grow, till your life is on overflow.
So try, won't you? Today look around, rejoice here and now!
If you look you will find, there is always that line. 
As long as Today is that day, you'll find that shimmering color in clouds.
For He is with us, right here and right now!

But look while you can, and live while we can. 
When Today becomes Tomorrow, Yesterday is gone. 
Time's running out, and when it is gone- the choices we made Today will decide our Tomorrow. 
So will you have life, and live to the fullest?

That is the dare you are supposed to dare. Dare to believe, and grow to face giants and move mountains you will.